Who Do I Love… THE MOST!

  No… It is not me… Is not Drumline… And is not chicken wings. These are all great things that I do love. But the thing that I love the most is actually a person. And you are correct I do love a lot of people. I love love. I love spreading love, and I love receiving love. Let me say it one more time, I love love. But the person that I love the most is truly one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Mind you I never said they’re perfect I just said they’re truly amazing. The person I love the most has always been there for me, to celebrate my victories, and pick me up when I have fallen  down. This person has taught me so much including some of the characteristics  that I am known for myself.  Probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned from this person, is what unconditional love truly means. I’ve not only seen it and how they interact with me but how they interact with many other people. This person is never given up on anybody, and has accepted people for who they are under some

Are You Scared?

  Is there anything that you are scared of?      To be honest my biggest fear… Or the thing that I am most afraid of… Is dying alone! There have been people who are very important to me in my life, that I know have died alone. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to take my last breaths and to be truly alone. My heart bleeds for those people that I have loved and that have died completely alone and on their own. I’ve seen the opposite where people are surrounded by friends and people they love as they pass on. Now I’m not saying that I would like an audience when I pass on, but I would like the comfort of at least one human being to be close to me when my time here is finished. So yes the thing that I’m scared of the most would be to die completely alone. “I'm not afraid of death; I just don't want to be there when it happens.” ― Woody Allen


       I am a man who tries hard to bring joy and value to others. A man who knows his purpose on this planet, and it is to love, create and inspire by serving others. I am a son, a brother, a cousin, a nephew and a friend to many. I am someone who knows that everyday is a true blessing and an opportunity to grow, learn and spread joy. I am a man who is loved by many, but often feels lonely. I am someone who fails more than I succeed, but never stops trying. Daily I am grateful, passionate, relentless and authentic. I am a man with many flaws, but also so many truly amazing skills. Someone who truly wants to make a difference in my community and in the youth around me. I am Corey I am Uncle Biggie I am me.